Sexy Beast: Mars in Leo August 8th – September 24th, 2015

Mars ingresses into the sign of Leo on August 8th, and scorches a path towards Virgo all the way through September 24th. Leo natives will appreciate the extra boost Mars in your own sign gives you, adding a punch to your already larger than life energy.

Transiting Mars in Leo is characterized by big and bold actions designed to garner the attention or admiration of those around you. This can be kind of interesting, as Mercury just entered Virgo yesterday. It’s not that Mercury in Virgo is detached, but while Mars in Leo stands in front of a crowd and says enthusiastically “Yeah! Let’s DO this”, Mercury in Virgo tempers this a bit and says “Let’s think about this for a moment; what’s the best or most efficient way to do this?”. The end result could be a perfectly planned execution of show, or a tragic display of being bogged down with details.

With Mars in Leo, you may find yourself spending more time, energy, or money (or possibly a combination of all three) on the children in your life, or generally ‘fun’ activities, or entertainment experiences. Your sex drive could be on the uptick, as your passionate side becomes more dominant. Just watch for tendencies of selfishness, or doing things for the sake of getting attention.

Remember to look on your chart where Leo sits on the house cusp to see what area of your chart will be getting this surge of activity!

Mars in Leo Keywords:

Saying and doing what you want, doing what you feel, acting competitively, working hard to be the best, working for attention, working for admiration, wanting to be noticed for what you do, acting selfishly, having confidence, making big decisions, big sex drive, big passion, energy spent on children, energy spent on entertainment.

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