Jupiter in Virgo: Benefiting From Moderation August 11th, 2015 – September 9th, 2016

Every year the benefic planet Jupiter changes signs, heralding a new area of luck and expansion, based on the sign. For the past year, we have seen Jupiter touching and expanding everything Leo flavored. Ideas formed were big and bold, egos may have grown in size exponentially, and the drama created by some may have been singular to none. Now, we can thankfully find ourselves leaving much of that behind, as Jupiter glides into the sign of Virgo for his year long stay.

So what will Jupiter do in Virgo? Well, there are many possibilities, as Virgo is the most detail centric sign of the Zodiac. We have to combine all of what encompasses the sign, and then add that expansion factor of Jupiter into the mix. We cannot lose sight of what Jupiter in Leo set the stage for, either. Virgo is humble, modest, diligently working. Virgo uses logic and analysis to fine tune plans in progress. Virgo practices good health and hygiene, watching what they eat, making sure to avoid overindulgences, and getting enough exercise. Virgo tries their best to be of service to others, in whatever form that may take. With Jupiter involved, the result is a magnification of these, or maybe even lucky breaks tied into them. Jupiter expands, yes, but he is also associated with luck; you may find yourself getting lucky or experiencing good fortune all in Virgo related areas as well.

For those native Virgos, this will undoubtedly be a banner year for you. If you have Jupiter in Virgo in your natal chart, you are experiencing a Jupiter Return (which occurs once every 12 years of course) and as such, this year will be setting the trend for the next 12 years of your life.

Check your natal chart to see which house cusp falls on Virgo; there you can expect good fortune and expansion for the upcoming year. If you have any planets in Virgo, look for the expansive and beneficial benefits of Jupiter’s passage over them, too.

Jupiter in Virgo keywords:

Benefits from work, benefits from healthy habits, benefits from honesty and humility, overthinking and getting hung up on details, overdosing on the criticism, taking a new health regime to the extreme, lucky breaks with service or in the service industry, good fortune in volunteering, honest service, honest or humble work, expanding your duties