Prudent Practicality: Mercury in Virgo August 7th – 27th, 2015

On August 7th, Mercury travels into Virgo. Native Virgos will benefit from the burst of clarity they can receive with their ruler working it’s way through the sign, as well as those with Mercury in Virgo natally. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, so his energy functions fluidly and easily in either sign of rulership.

Mercury in Virgo will infuse all mental and communication processes with the typical Virgo traits of analysis and logic. Looking at the finer details with a critical eye, and using solid reflection to make good judgments can allow the collective to literally collect themselves from all the possible drama and ‘oops’ moments Mercury in Leo caused. Mercury in Virgo is a slower, more steadfast way of thinking, favoring practicality, virtuous and ethical operations above spilt second and possibly questionable decisions. Also, while Mercury in Leo looked at the broad picture, Mercury in Virgo can bury themselves in the details.

Just be sure that your rationale doesn’t become too nit picky or critical, as Virgo can be known for. Try to utilize this time to reign in your grandiose thinking or communicating, and come up with more solid and practical solutions or transmissions. Virgo is all about serving others as well, so you may find yourself voicing support to others more readily than in the past. Helping others is a good thing to do, and goes along perfectly with the Virgo mentality, again, a noticeable shift from the Leo “me me me” mantra we all have become familiar with lately.

Here are some Mercury in Virgo keywords:

Resourceful, analytical, logical, detail oriented, critical thinking, voicing pickiness, good judgement, practical thinking, virtuous thoughts, ethical thoughts.

Say It Loud and Say It Proud: Mercury Enters the Sign of Leo July 23rd – August 7th, 2015

Mercury enters the sign of Leo on July 23rd, 2015. This bodes well for Leo natives, as your mental abilities and communication processes will be bolstered from having Mercury’s energy in your own sign. However, even if you do not have Mercury in Leo in your natal chart, you will still feel the Leonine influence in your Mercury ruled activities (communication, spoken and written words, short trips, neighborhoods, books, for example).

Mercury in Leo makes people speak, think, and communicate with Leonine qualities. This can make you more confident in what you say and how you say it; you may hear yourself being more direct and authoritative. Leadership goes hand in hand with Leo, and maybe you find yourself projecting and internally feeling more of those qualities. Or, you may be prone to be speaking with more warmth and dramatic emphasis. Just beware of power trips and suddenly massive egos; Leos are not known for their humility, and just because you think you are on top, remember this: there is always someone who is better than you.

Mercury in Leo isn’t just about what you say, it is also about what you think. Your thoughts could wander off on topics about romance, creative endeavors, activities with children, and simple good old fashioned fun. Mercury is also associated with siblings, so perhaps a short trip to accommodate any of the above may be in order with Mercury in Leo.

To give you a working example of Mercury In Leo, Barack Obama, J.K. Rowling, Ernest Hemingway, and Andy Warhol all have their Mercury in Leo. Think about how they speak, how they write, how they express themselves. This is Mercury in Leo in action.

Happy Birthday Leo! July 22 – August 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Leo! The Sun will finally make his way into your sign on July 22, and illuminate all aspects of your life until August 22. The more sensitive out there will see the focus shift from everything related to the sign of Cancer (home, family, real estate for example) to all things Leo: creativity, romance, fun and games, children, drama, ego. It should ‘feel’ considerably lighter, and more playful, but with a few twists and turns.

Those born under the sign of Leo possess a flair that is undeniable; they love an audience, especially one they can show off to. With the Sun’s spotlight on these natives, expect to see even more displays to garner your attention (and affection). You may yourself experience more of a proclivity for theatrical gestures, or a burning desire to unleash your creative side (remember, creativity comes in many forms and mediums, not limited to paint and canvas).

Mercury will quickly make his way into Leo on the 23rd. Venus has been traveling away from Leo into Virgo, but as part of her retrograde cycle, will return to Leo on July 25th and stay there all the way until October 8th. Even though Venus will be Rx, I still feel that many can benefit and do benefit from Venus in Leo. Mars will elbow his way into the party on August 8th, creating what is called a stellium in Leo. A stellium is a huge concentration of energy in one sign, created by multiple planets occupying it. Some may find the energy overwhelming, while others will find it empowering.

Mercury in Leo is bold and brash in his statements, speaking with authority, not always focused on the smaller details. Venus in Leo is all about wanting to be seen, with a flashy aesthetic, and Mars in Leo is about huge passion, and passions drive actions.

Even with Venus Retrograde (no, this does not mean your relationship is doomed), this is a very busy and exciting time. Leo is very fun sign, ruled by the Sun. Remember to look on at your chart and find the house cusp that Leo sits on; you will find a lot of emphasis on that area in your chart for the upcoming weeks. Also, pay attention to any planets that reside in that house because as each planet passes over it/them, it/they will be activated.

Try not to become too swept up with the actions of drama queens; don’t fight the lively, and at times, spirited energy that will be circulating. Don’t take yourself (or anyone else) too seriously. Try to make the best of it, enjoy it how you can. Let your inner child come out to play for a bit!