Prudent Practicality: Mercury in Virgo August 7th – 27th, 2015

On August 7th, Mercury travels into Virgo. Native Virgos will benefit from the burst of clarity they can receive with their ruler working it’s way through the sign, as well as those with Mercury in Virgo natally. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, so his energy functions fluidly and easily in either sign of rulership.

Mercury in Virgo will infuse all mental and communication processes with the typical Virgo traits of analysis and logic. Looking at the finer details with a critical eye, and using solid reflection to make good judgments can allow the collective to literally collect themselves from all the possible drama and ‘oops’ moments Mercury in Leo caused. Mercury in Virgo is a slower, more steadfast way of thinking, favoring practicality, virtuous and ethical operations above spilt second and possibly questionable decisions. Also, while Mercury in Leo looked at the broad picture, Mercury in Virgo can bury themselves in the details.

Just be sure that your rationale doesn’t become too nit picky or critical, as Virgo can be known for. Try to utilize this time to reign in your grandiose thinking or communicating, and come up with more solid and practical solutions or transmissions. Virgo is all about serving others as well, so you may find yourself voicing support to others more readily than in the past. Helping others is a good thing to do, and goes along perfectly with the Virgo mentality, again, a noticeable shift from the Leo “me me me” mantra we all have become familiar with lately.

Here are some Mercury in Virgo keywords:

Resourceful, analytical, logical, detail oriented, critical thinking, voicing pickiness, good judgement, practical thinking, virtuous thoughts, ethical thoughts.

Mercury Enters Cancer July 8 – July 23, 2015

Mercury will leave the sign of Gemini and enter Cancer on July 8, 2015.  Prepare for a definite shift in your mental processing, as your thoughts will swirl in eddies formed by the watery currents of your feelings. Mercury in Cancer is emotional and sentimental, and as such, your communication and general brainwork will take on the traits of Cancer.

This is generally a pleasing time, as you may lean towards thinking not just in a more temperamental fashion, but the topics of your reflections may be more home and family oriented. Perhaps even a touch more intuitive as well.

The Sun and Mars have already been treading water in the sign of Cancer, so Mercury coming along and joining the party can make things slippery at times.  Just watch for tendencies to speak without thoroughly thinking things through, first.

Mercury in Cancer…just feelin’ those thoughts…