Hurrah, Saturn Square Neptune! Time To Turn Your Dreams Into Your New Reality!

Admittedly, the past few months have seen this blog beginning what looked like a slow death spiral. Health and other issues didn’t allow me much energy to do more than what was minimally required in my life. Things haven’t changed all that much now, but, one way I am going to face the current Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces is by trying to make my dreams a reality; hence, the return to my beloved Astrology and this blog.

Currently, we all are feeling the effects of the major square aspect between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces.  Did you just wince? I myself am trying not to…instead, I am attempting to make this rotten bowl of lemons into some sort of natural lemon cleaner (blame my optimistic Sagittarius Moon) that I can use to clean *something* (I have a Virgo Mars).

As I said, Saturn (fear, restrictions, authority, limitations) is squaring (challenging, creating tension, blocking) the planet Neptune (ideals, fantasy, delusions) which is transiting the sign of Pisces now. To say that a lot of people’s bubbles are bursting is an understatement; it can be likened to waking up after that alcohol induced haze made you think you were making out with the hottest person you had ever seen, but when that liquor wears off you take a second look and was like “What the hell was I thinking?” because your judgement was off on so, so many levels.

So, what do you do with a set up like this? I like the suggestion that hard work (Saturn) can turn your dreams (Neptune) into reality. Remember, Astrology comes down to your own personal free will after all, so…instead of blubbering that you came so close to your goal before the rug was yanked out from under you, roll up your sleeves, get back to work, and force yourself to make those dreams a reality.  A lot has been said about Saturn; Saturn is to be feared, Saturn is mean, Saturn is heartless, etc.  But I have heard time and time again that once you take Saturn’s lessons seriously and make yourself an apt pupil, he will reward you for your hard work.

Don’t slump your shoulders in despair; go out and make your own lemon cleaner.

Saturn Direct: The Final Stretch August 2nd, 2015

On August 2nd, Saturn turned direct (finally) after months of languishing in Scorpio. Saturn in Scorpio has been a brutal time for many, but thankfully it is almost over. On September 17th, Saturn will cross over to the sign of Sagittarius, leaving Scorpio in his wake until the year 2041. Thank goodness.

Saturn in Scorpio made everyone reflect deeply on Scorpio and 8th House related themes like fear and transformation, how we respond to grief or crisis, or tackled power control behaviors. Saturn tested our limits with Scorpio flavored issues over the past couple years, and if we responded by exhibiting the worst of Scorpio’s traits like rage, jealousy, or manipulation, we found Saturn would quickly slap us back, coldly. You do not progress by doing the opposite of what Saturn wants. Saturn wants you to take responsibility for your actions, and part of that is to act with maturity, and not let loose with the more base reactions of man. Saturn wants structure, commitments, reform, and the lesson with Saturn in Scorpio was to strip away all superficiality until you get to the very core, casting aside all illusions and pretenses, and confronting your fears (demons) head on.

So now that Saturn is on his way out of Scorpio and headed to Sagittarius, we are about to face a whole new different set of challenges. Sagittarius is the sign associated with the 9th House, and it’s themes deal with philosophy, higher education, long distance travel, voyages, discoveries. How we expand our mentality, spirituality. Jupiter is Sagittarius’ ruler, and Jupiter deals with expansion. Saturn wants to stop, while Jupiter wants to go…it will be an interesting dance to watch, let alone participate in.

But we aren’t out of the woods yet…Saturn will still take his time exiting Scorpio up until mid September, so there is that. For those of you with personal planets towards the end of Scorpio, you may still feel that tiny sucker punch as Saturn passes back over them. But the worst is over, really.

So take joy in all that you have accomplished with Saturn in Scorpio. For some it may have meant more than others, and for others it may have meant considerably less than that. If you were not an apt pupil, you are going to find yourself in a bad way. If you handed your work in on time and put a lot of effort into it, you will be graded well. If there is one thing I know about Saturn, it’s that he always rewards diligence.

Saturn Retrogrades Back Into Scorpio June 14 – August 2, 2015

The Great Teacher, Saturn, retrogrades back into the sign of Scorpio on June 14, 2015.  Saturn had just completed a lengthy stay of a couple of years in this sign in 2014.  He moved forward into the sign of Sagittarius back at the end of 2014.  Now, Saturn is re-entering the Scorpio classroom to check and see if we were apt pupils while he was instructing us in the hard lessons of Saturn in Scorpio.

Saturn in Scorpio was rough for most people.  There were other configurations going on that only exacerbated this (think of all those Uranus/Pluto squares), but the good news is that Saturn retrograding back into Scorpio will be brief (about two months), and will primarily only effect those born in the latter part of the sign.  Scorpio themes are those of birth and regeneration, taxes, power, intensity, sex, investigations, taboo subjects (everything covered under the 8thHouse). Many of us have had our lives turned upside down with Saturn in Scorpio, learning that the only way out was up…we had to work with this and rise from the ashes like a phoenix in order to survive.

The house with Scorpio on the cusp will be where this is centered. Also, check your chart to see if you have planets in the last decanant of Scorpio, because you may be more sensitive to this retrograde than most.