A Pristine Canvas: New Moon in Leo August 14th, 2015


Today on August 14th is a New Moon in the sign of Leo. It is conjunct retrograde Venus in Leo, trining Uranus in Aries.

New Moons represent beginnings; they help usher in a new direction of energy in our lives. Whatever was ended or completed with the last Full Moon, the following New Moon will come in and attempt to let you begin or start a new task.

This New Moon in Leo could lead to opportunities with methods or outlets of self expression, creativity, and leadership (all Leo themes). The possibility exists to have new doors open with anything child or childhood related as well.

Some ways this can manifest is a sudden (Uranus) opportunity in your field to take on a role that sets you in a leadership position among your coworkers. Maybe you will turn a creative project into a budding business. Or, perhaps you will discover a new hobby that you and a special child in your life can explore more together. Maybe you will even find a way to resolve and move forward from pains or hurts stemming from childhood.

Either way, you can actively utilize this energy by focusing on these types of Leonine themes and applying them to your own life.